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  1. Once an order is submitted via the shopping cart, the customer will receive by e-mail a confirmation of the order and an approximate date of shipment. Order of merchandise in stock will be shipped within 1-2 weeks.​

  2. Due to the wide range of product lines, some items may be out of stock and can take at least 4-6 weeks to reproduce. We will inform you when the quotation is received.

  3. As soon as the shipment is ready, the customer will be notified with a tracking number via e-mail.

  4. In the event of a delay, we will notify the customer immediately.

  5. If the goods delivered are damaged or broken, the customer must immediately inform the company in writing (most preferably via e-mail or fax) within 3 days after the package is delivered. The customer has the responsibility to open the package once received or his right to claim for the damages will be forfeited.

  6. The customer must retain all packing materials for damage inspection. It is necessary that photographs of the damage item and packaging be taken as evidence.  Goods damaged or broken whilst in transit will be replaced or repaired at the discretion of the insurer’s appointed agent.  The company cannot be held responsible for any delays incurred due to force majeure or apportionment caused to the carrier.


The customer, as an importer, is responsible for the eligibility to import the goods into its country which includes, but are not limited to taxes and licenses.  The company will not be held liable or responsible for any delays or losses due to import restrictions.



Whilst every effort is made to provide 100% accurate description of the products, it is rather difficult to get the most precision of measurement, color, and shape in some of the items.  The products are handmade and/or hand-finished, therefore, photographic reproduction of the products viewed may be slightly inaccurate.


Brass is highly durable and are suitable for any environment both indoors and out. Objects with sharp edges can however, scratch the patina. Brass tend to oxidize over time and turn dull especially in places that have more salinity. We offer two color finishes, matte black and polished brass (gold). Matte black finishes does not require any maintenance, the color would not fade or turn dull over time. For polish brass, we do not apply lacquer on our products to enable our clients who wish to re-polish and shine the brass to be able to do so. To clean and shine the brass, simply apply metal cream and use clean cloth to rub on the desired area. The brass will bring it’s shine again.

The lost wax process can result in tiny pinholes and uneven surfaces both of which cannot be controlled, those are the natural characteristics of brass that are developed through this method that gives it the individuality and naturalistic style it has.


Other than our selection of products, with our own foundry we are able to produce and manufacture your designs. Simply send over your designs to our email and we will reply with quotations of the said design.

wat 20166647.JPG


Most large items are normally shipped via sea freight.  Please request for competitive quote for door-to-port shipments when submitting your price quotations.  For door-to-door quote, please fill in your inquiry in “Contact Us”


We offer two options: 

Air Cargo which arrives at the airport of requested cities 

DHL which arrives at your designated address 

All freight quotations can be determine after knowing the interested item along with zip code and city. 


Available to West Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam.



  1. Payment, including shipping costs (if any), must be made in full prior to the goods being shipped. While special or custom goods are made to order, a deposit of 50% are required (no refund after 90 days) and the balance payment must be made once the shipment is ready.

  2. Prices does NOT include any Import Duties, Taxes or any charges by the country of delivery. The customer is fully responsible for all Import Duties, Taxes and other inland charges that may occur at the destination. 


Taxes and Duties are not included in the pricing, they are charged at arrival and changes depending the regulations of each country.

Masaya by Asia Collection Co., Ltd is not responsible for any payments that may occur at the destination, the clients are solely responsible for said payments

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