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Zen Stone

Zen Stone Collection was inspired by stones in Zen stone garden where stones  are  considered as the soul of the garden.  With  horizontal  and flat  shape  representing  water  and  mind,  Shintai  Stones  have   been selected  for  designing  this  Collection  to  show  the  balance  of  the blending between life and nature that creates harmony and relaxation. The sofa set was designed using three different size stones, composing of a side-table topped with round shaped teak and two armchairs.  The sofa set was composed of two black stones in different sizes put next to each  other  and  topped  with  stone  shaped padding. This represents concentration and calm in creating the art of stone-stacking. The gold backrest was designed using simple lines to enable see-through and create harmony with background environment. To facilitate daily usage, the sofa set came with round grass tray made of teak at the right seat.

M0133-A (sofa with side table)
W.68 x L.106 x H.72 cm

M0133-B (sofa)

W.72 x L.90 x H.72 cm

M0133-C (side table)

W.38 x L.48 x H.38 cm

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